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Workout - Street Sports

In the Soviet Union, much attention was paid to sports. And in each yard there were horizontal bars, on which it was fashionable to practice. With the collapse of the country and the birth of Russia, the horizontal bars were empty for a long time. In the early 2000s, sport began to become fashionable again and remembered about the surviving Soviet horizontal bars.

In 1998 Workout came to Europa. And the horizontal bars began to be missed. Instead of horizontal bars, they began to rebuild sites for Workout. Of course, not every yard has them. But a few pieces to the area was quite enough.

What does Workout mean?

Workout (translation from English) - training. This type of physical activity has not yet been included in the register of sports, but its popularity has spread throughout the world and continues to gain momentum. Everywhere there are competitions and Workout World Championships.

It can rightfully be considered one of the most spectacular physical activities. It combines:

The complexity of the execution of elements.

The freedom and courage of athletes.

Beautiful, developed bodies that fascinate and motivate.

Workout - a street view of physical activity, in which the maximum number of muscles is involved. The main projectiles are horizontal bar and bars. But this is not enough. For full training, you need more crossbars and guides.

Workout involves training in the warmer months. But even in winter there are daredevils conducting trainings in the snow. The bulk of the athletes goes into the halls, where there is the necessary equipment for training. And in this case, the halls with equipment for Crossfit are very popular .

The main types of Workout

Street training, or in another way Street Workout, gave development to the domestic direction of physical activity Streetlifting . Both workout and streetlifting are working with your own body weight. Workout is divided into Street and Ghetto Workout.

Street Workout is a classic variation in which the basic elements are carried out, more complicated and new ones are invented. For Street Workout classes do not require large investments, and horizontal bars, bars and entire sports grounds are available around the clock.

Ghetto Workout - a power variety, in which the basic elements are complicated by additional pull-ups, push-ups. This type of Workout includes performing exercises not only on horizontal bars, but on urban buildings: lampposts, fences, benches, etc.

Workout closely echoes gymnastics, requires the development of coordination and endurance. This is a very serious form of physical activity: it is impossible to start performing elements in it, being unprepared. Even many athletes from other disciplines need training, otherwise it is easy to get injured.

Basic Workout Exercises

Workout exercises are plentiful. In each exercise, the technique of its implementation is important. Therefore, it is better to start under the supervision of a trainer or professional athlete. Consider 6 basic exercises.

1. Pullups on the horizontal bar.

Exercise is performed from the position of straightened hands, the chin goes above the crossbar. To complicate the exercises, athletes change their grip, alternately pull on one arm, head in front of the crossbar. Also use delays in bent arms and are additionally wrung out.

2. Two-way exits on the horizontal bar.

This is also the basic element of the workout, which will require trained joints and ligaments, good physical preparation. If you can’t do 10 pull-ups to the chin without swaying and 15-20 push-ups on the uneven bars, then you are not well prepared and this exercise is dangerous for you.

The exercise itself consists of the following steps: from the position of straightened arms in the hanging, pull up to the chin, then go to the waist and stand in a pose above the bar, go out on straight arms above the bar.

3. Exercises on the handle.

On the bars, the basic exercise “intercepts” is done in several stages. First, grab the first crossbar with one hand, hang on a bent arm, pull up and intercept the second crossbar with the other hand. Beginners should start with short intercepts, to complicate this, you can do long intercepts with a grip on the side or in the opposite direction.

At the initial stage, at the moment when the body deviates back when pulling up and you are preparing to throw your hands upstairs, you need to bend your knees and bring it to the chest - this movement will add kinetic energy to your body (speed to the initial moment, and therefore reduce the body’s energy costs ).

4. Push ups from the ground.

Push-ups from the ground are also a basic exercise that requires the right technique. Palms and feet shoulder-width apart, elbows within a 45-degree angle. The arms are bent at an angle of 90 degrees, the chest reaches the floor and the arms are straightened. Important! The body line should be straight from the shoulders to the ankles, the head is held parallel to the floor.

To complicate the exercise, change the height of the push-ups, do push-ups on the fingers, on one arm, with cotton, handstand.

5. Push-ups on the uneven bars.

This exercise trains the chest, triceps, front deltas. The load changes with a change in the angle of inclination of the body, the more vertically, the easier it is to complete the exercise. With a more vertical execution, triceps are trained and this embodiment is considered basic.

Technique of the exercise: the bars are taken with an average grip, the palms are facing each other, with a light jump (or from the stand) take a standing position with outstretched arms. With a slow breath, lower the body, bending your elbows to the parallel of the forearm to the floor. Next, you should exhale sharply and, as it were, “squeeze” the body up. That is, exhale on an effort. Make the right number of repetitions. During movement, you need to focus on the work of the triceps.

To complicate, they add weight, make the body tilt more, use horizontal push-ups lying on the uneven bars. The most advanced do push-ups on the uneven bars “from the corner”, from the posts, grip and, even, upside down.

6. Press.

The core muscles work in almost all Workout exercises, but they are additionally worked out in such basic exercises as lifting legs from a hanging position on a horizontal bar or on parallel bars.

This exercise is performed as follows: it is taken on the horizontal bar, the palms are shoulder-width apart, the stomach is pulled in, the back is straight. The press is reduced, slightly twisting the pelvis, the knees are brought to the chest. After that, the press unwinds to its original state, with legs extended, but does not relax below. The required number of repetitions is done.

The exercise can be complicated or performed with various variations, for example, toe socks to the crossbar, to raise the knees in the hanging with turns, to lift the legs in the hanging on the logs, from the position of the hang upside down, lifting the body to the hips, etc.These are the 6 basic exercises you need to learn to complete during your Workout classes. There are also competitive elements performed by professional athletes. The calling card of Workout professionals is the “Flag” element, in which hands are held by a vertical pipe, and the body in an even horizontal position is held above the ground.In this article, we will not delve into the technique of performing professional elements. To maintain athletic fitness, the basic exercises listed above are sufficient. Remember, each of you has a good chance to tighten your strength indicators. The main desire.

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